Jamie uses the simplicity of rhythm and expert facilitation to create a warm welcome at all his events, whether you’re a seasoned musician or a complete beginner.

Based in the South East of England his career spans over 20 years, running rhythm events at parties, conferences, presentations and workshops. He also holds regular classes. His love and curiosity for rhythm has taken him all over the world.

“After starting the guitar aged 17, I busked my way around the world and 'found' percussion whilst in Portugal in my 20's.

Over 2 decades later I can see just how formative this moment was.

What followed was an intense period of learning, absorbing, experimenting, experiencing and witnessing the power of drums and rhythm wherever I could and with every population that would have me.

Jamie has trained and played with some of the foremost musicians, teachers and innovators across the globe. To name a few…

Arthur Hull (Father of the Drum Circle movement)  Mamady Keita (Grandfather of the Djembe) Gabrielle Roth (Originator of the 5 Rhythms).


“Hand drums like the Djembe, Congas & Duns are such wonderful gateways into learning not only about musical cultures from around the world, but also about the art of music, which belongs to everyone.”

Over the years he has witnessed that irrespective of prior experience, taking part in rhythm has enormous potency to transform, empower & liberate all kinds of wonderful energy.

“Everywhere I have travelled and worked I have seen that rhythm connects, heals and inspires. It opens unique and powerful avenues for communication and experience.”

Laughter and play are never in short supply at Jamie’s events and you can always expect to take part in some really great music. One of the founding principles of his passion for leading groups, is that by sharing time and space in rhythm, we take part in something profound and simple that’s existed the world over for millennia, but with our own totally unique stamp on it.

“I feel very blessed to be able to share what I can of this art form that continues to move and inspire my own life in innumerable ways.”